Dr. Kevin helped the pain in my knees go away! He also shows me how to keep stress at bay. The office has different ways to handle pain and offers food-based supplements. I recommend them because I believe in trying a simple way first. It is a totally unique way to be adjusted, very gentle, and very optimistic.

- Carol M.

I was experiencing awful headaches for 3 weeks. I had gone to a chiropractor several times with no relief. On my first visit with Kelli, she gently pushed my vertebrae back into place and I had instant relief! I continue going to maintain my health.

- Tabatha S.

I have been to multiple chiropractors and specialists and never could really get out of pain. When I come here it is like night and day. My back and shoulder both have benefited from my visits and I never feel pressured to come back in unless I’m in pain.

- Matt K.

Kevin at Hands in Health is just amazing at what he does. He truly cares for you and wants you to get better. He won't give up until he helps you get back on track. Givers Gain type of man. Great job!!

- Eli A.

I highly recommend Kelli and Kevin! They take care of my entire family. We see them for adjustments, nutrition, supplements, and overall good health. Kevin has taught us that your body can heal itself, let them help you feel better today.

- Bobbi M.

Dr. Kelli has been able to provide me with amazing relief for shoulder/ back pain. My first visit made a wonderful different in my neck movement and my ability to be pain-free. Started with three visits close together (within a month) and now only go as needed—i.e. when I screw up and am not careful managing my stress and movement. After my primary physician provided me with the semi-annual blood work report, it was determined I was in desperate need of a Vitamin D supplement. My body did not respond positively to the supplement I was taking. Dr. Kelli assessed my need for different vitamins and was able to recommend Capatex D… no problems digesting it and I could feel the difference within a short time. Thank you to Dr. Kelli and the services I have experienced.

- Launa K.

Been going to them for over 10 years now before they even founded the practice, after 25 years of heavy labor they make it so I can keep going. Instead of being bent over and having tons of injuries, they've slowly helped me get back to a 'normal' where I can stand tall, walk and exercise. I can't say enough good things about them. Professional services, clean rooms, and offices, close to both SC and Bellefonte, and Decent hours. I've recommended them to dozens of friends and clients in the past for adjustments, resets, and pain mitigation. Much love to them.

- Dave W.

Best chiropractor I've seen so far in State College. Kevin, Kelly, and their staff always do great work for me and my family. They have a variety of procedures and treatments that they use in tandem to actually treat and fix the root cause of your problem rather than just schedule multiple weekly adjustments for months on end just to treat your symptoms.

- Nikolas M.

Very Friendly and Knowledgeable. They take the time to listen to you and really do care how you feel when you leave their office. Thank you!

- Drome1433

Dr. Kevin and his staff are very professional and hands-on. I am thoroughly impressed by Dr. Kevin's knowledge and passion for helping his clients. I have struggled with shoulder and hip issues for years due to collegiate sports. After a few visits to see Dr. Kev I found relief from pain I haven't been able to solve for years. I continue to tell everyone about Hands in Health and how Dr. Kev was able to help me. I highly recommend Dr. Kev and Kelly to anyone struggling to find relief from any sort of pain.

- Matthew F.

Dr. Kevin was honest and compassionate while treating me. I thought I was going to have cortisone shots in my shoulders for arthritis and after 4 weeks, found relief! The issue was tightened muscles that made my shoulder bones grind. After 3 months, I was back to normal! I have been going there for over a year and can't say enough good things about the care received! I have also started using the doTerra oils that they recommend and love the natural solutions to health issues.

- Deb Y.

No matter what problem I have, I call Kevin and it’s fixed. I have had neck, back and knee problems for years and it is fixed! I send Every single person I know to them! Best in town! Hands down!

- Brandy T.

Kevin is a wonderful chiropractor. He is very knowledgeable. He listens to you and treats your whole body.

- Christine G.