Neurological Emotional Technique

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Net mind bodyWhen working with NET, practitioners use a manual muscle test as a tool to help identify involuntary physiological responses. In this way, the muscle test is used as a gauge of autonomic reactivity to given physical and/or verbal stimuli.

Mind-oriented practitioners often start the NET portion of a session with an "I'm OK" Personal Declarative (PD). If a PD tests weak, the practitioner can then find an associated pulse point, identify a related emotion and further develop the core issue.

During the NET correction phase, clients are asked to hold a specific pulse point and the Emotional Points (located on the forehead, halfway between the pupils and the natural hairline), and engage in a simple breathing process while they focus on the identified distressing event.

When finished, the practitioner will retest the original "I'm OK" PD, and it should now test strong — indicating the client is congruent with the PD and more balanced in regard to this issue.