Emotional First Aid

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Emotional first aidIn today’s world, we are constantly bombarded with emotional stress whether it’s at home, work, school… anywhere. NET Mind Body is a technique which we utilize in our office to assist the body in the recovery of emotional stress. Described here is a tool developed by NET called the First Aid Stress Tool (F.A.S.T.).

FAST comes from a more comprehensive technique called NET, which is used by licensed healthcare practitioners to find the deeper relationship of a stress pattern. Both NET and FAST are focused on eliminating specific conditioned response patterns so people don’t have to keep experiencing a continual reaction to similar circumstances. In the acupuncture system, organs are associated with different elements (Fire, Wood, Water, Metal and Earth), and these elements are associated with many different emotional responses.

Fire (heart) can be linked with vulnerability. Wood (liver) can be linked with anger. Water (kidney) can be linked with fear. Metal (lung) can be linked with grief. Earth (stomach) can be linked with worry.

Step 1

  • With FAST, the person uses one hand to touch 3 of the wrist pulse points (which represent the organ meridians and cover many of the emotional responses) and then places the other hand on the forehead to cover the 2 points related to stress (located halfway between the pupil and hairline).

Step 2

  • While touching these acupuncture points the patient takes a few deep breaths and thinks about his/her stressful circumstance and, most importantly, deeply feels the uncomfortable stress associated with the situation.

Step 3

  • Then the person changes hands and does the same thing using the opposite 3 wrist pulse points. After a few more deep breaths, the stress-related ‘charge’ will typically be significantly reduced.

IMPORTANT - The info in this post is not intended as a replacement for consultation, diagnosis or treatment. Always consult with your healthcare professional before using this procedure.

The information provided on this page was provided by NETmindbody.com, a technique utilized in our office.